How Does Alcohol Impact My Overall Health and Fitness Routine?

How Does Alcohol Impact My Overall Health and Fitness Routine?

If you are working every day to improve your health and fitness, you want to avoid any possible setbacks to your journey. At Better Fitness Nutrition Center, we understand the importance of optimizing your everyday health. If you’re wondering how alcohol affects this, you’ve come to the right place! Our personalized coaching can help you determine how alcohol will fit into your health goals.


How Does Alcohol Affect Health and Fitness

The health effects of alcohol are wide-ranging and depend on the amount and the frequency of use. Alcohol consumption can have significant health impacts on your body, including liver problems, and sleep quality. Drinking alcohol also disrupts normal sleep patterns and slows coordination, which can be challenging during your daily fitness routines.


How Does Consuming Too Much Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

When you are working hard at meeting your health and fitness goals, consuming too much alcohol can slow down your progress, especially if your goal is to lose weight. Aside from the ingredients, which are typically high in sugar, alcohol can slow down weight loss by interfering with your body’s ability to burn fat. Vitamins and supplements can help you stay on track with your weight loss journey, especially Better Fitness Nutrition Center’s fat-burning supplements!


How Does Alcohol Affect my Overall Body; Both Internal and External

Alcohol can have impacts on your overall body, both internally and externally. Effects like mood changes, damage to the heart, liver problems, weakened immune system, and more can all be caused by consuming too much alcohol regularly. Externally, drinking can cause bloating and puffiness, leading to weight gain.


Moderate Alcohol Consumption isn’t So Bad

Moderate alcohol consumption may not have a huge impact on your health and fitness routines. Although there can always be unwanted side effects caused by alcohol, the occasional drink will not impact your performance notably. Better Fitness Nutrition Center recommends nutritional supplements to help keep your body on track, even when you aren’t spending your weekend at the gym!

Our personalized coaching and nutritional coaching can help you determine if alcohol may be impacting your overall health and fitness. We can also help you find nutritional supplements and vitamins that optimize your fitness routines!

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