The Scoop On Protein Powders


The Scoop On Protein Powders

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When considering adding supplements to your fitness routine, protein powders are probably the supplement you’ve heard the most about.

From pre-made shakes to large containers full of powder, numerous people take a protein supplement, not just health and fitness gurus. The great news is that protein powders actually do help and if you don’t have one as a part of your exercise routine, there’s no better time to start than the now.

With so many types of protein powders available, you may be wondering where to start? At Better Fitness Nutrition Center, our dedicated team will help you choose the best protein powder for your health and fitness needs to ensure you are getting all the proper energy that you need to reach your goals. Shop our wide selection of protein powders and feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have.

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Health Benefits

Protein is one of the main components used to recover, strengthen muscles, and maintain healthy skin, along with other natural chemical processes within the body. When looking to increase your body’s intake of protein, many people turn to protein powders due to their proven health benefits including:

  • Weight Management

  • Muscle Growth

  • Added Nutritional Properties

Another main benefit of using protein powders in your fitness routine is to aid in recovery. Protein powders are important for athletes recovering from an injury, if you’re beginning (or elevating) a training regimen, or if you’re experiencing a growth spurt/diet change. They are not only a great resource for people looking for that extra athletic push, but teenagers experiencing puberty or someone going vegan due to the fact that their bodies are burning more protein than before.

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Types of Protein Powders

When selecting a protein powder, it is important to note that whey protein powder is the most popular type, but there are many other types of protein powders on the market. Common types include soy or dairy-free, pea or other plant-based protein powders, and even vegan options.

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How To Use Protein Powders

Before incorporating protein powders into your diet, it is important to consult with your primary care physician or a nutritionist to help calculate your nutritional needs to avoid consuming too much protein or not enough. Once the amount of protein is determined, finding the right protein powder is key! Our expert team at Better Fitness Nutrition Center can help you select a protein powder to maximize your nutrition, while helping you achieve your fitness goals. Many people enjoy our protein powders before a workout or after for active recovery. No matter your preference, you should try them in one of our delicious smoothies and get that high concentration of proteinous energy when you need it.

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No matter your reason for adding protein powder to your daily regime, Better Fitness Nutrition Center has the selection for you. Many people enjoy our protein powders either pre workout or post workout, for optimal recovery, by consuming one of our delicious smoothies served from our smoothie bar. This is a great and efficient way to get the high quality protein energy and muscle building effects of protein as needed.Contact us today to learn more about our protein powders and which one is right for you.

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